Starchy foods

Starchy foods are, by the main, in the medical profession considered as a beneficial form of carbohydrate, because it is complex in nature. So it should take longer for the body to break down, plus it comes with useful vitamins and minerals…

But how slow does it realy realise into the blood? Some of the more traditional methods of serving potato release sugars in to the blood as fast as table sugar, scoring an alarming 97 on the (GI) glycemic index. The only role carbohydrate has in the body is to provide full for energy. Having met full demand, i.e. muscle and liver glycogen supplys have been met, the rest can only go one place, FAT CELLS.

Every mineral and vitamin in these food can be best got from other plates that do provide slow release carbohydrate and less of it. Meats that provide protein and fat, that has many uses in the body, also slow stomach emptying, thus keeping you ‘fuller for longer’.

The worst offenders are grains and potatoes. If you wish to loose weight lose these, we don’t need them, only want them!

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