we spend much of our day in fear of calories from fat, simply because there are more of them per a gram. We go out of our way to avoid fat when we are trying to lose some weight.

The truth is fat is not only good for you (in moderation) but essential! It form the wall of EVERY cell in your bodies, and without it they would disintegrate and die. It is involved in many other processes including hormones and nervous system.

But how does that help you lose weight?

Well the simple truth is fat fills you up for longer, so you generally eat less there by reducing the overall daily calorific intake. The only fats we should avoid completely are trans-fats (man made fats that have more in common with plastic).

What is the best fat to eat?

Fat from oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardine. These contain the essential fatty acid omega 3 an anti inflammatory oil, in the form of EPA & DHA. Omega 6 is also essential but in general we eat proportionally more than the Omega 3’s previously mentioned. Omega 6 is found in many of our grains and the likes and are inflammatory in nature with the exception of GLA found in Star Flower oil and grass feed beef!


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