1. Are you eating slowly?
Check in with hunger, sit down, relax and take your time; 15-20 minutes for a meal is about right.
Make sure to stop eating when you’re about 80% full.

This is for many the most important goal while it doesn’t address what you it, it does address how you eat!

If sound simple to do but it involves braking habits which have formed over a lifetime. So, if you struggle look for the right support!

2. Where is the protein dense food?
Are you about to eat at least 1 palm-sized portion of protein dense food?
Women get 1 palm sized portion and men get 2 palm-sized portions.

Everyone harps on about protein these days. And with good reason, limiting protein to one meal may well stunt your progress, even if you want weight loss. If you not sure of good protein sources get so qualified support.

3. Where are the veggies?
Are you about to eat a large portion of veggies? They can be prepared any way you like.
One serving is about 1 fist-sized portion and you should try to eat a few portions per meal.

Mum was right! I don’t often admit that but in this case she was. My clients get a great supply of recipes and ideas for health interesting ways to increase their intake of greens.

4. Where are the carbs?
If you have fat to lose but haven’t just worked out, eat less pasta, bread, rice, and other starchy carbs. Opt for a double serving of veggies instead. If you have just worked out, a mix of carb sources is fine.

Earn your carbs! If you can’t resist the sweet & savoury stuff earn it, why not join me for a really effective training program that will ensure results.

5. Where are your fats coming from?
Today you need some fats from various foods, prioritizing whole food sources like eggs, meats, fish, olives, nuts and seeds. Spread these throughout the day.

Fat is not evil, you only need to avoid trans-fats (man made rubbish) did you know it is only one molecule short of being plastic!!!

Download this handy cheat sheet to remind you when your out and about.