Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T’er

Lets look at a common goal many people have, weight loss, and make goal setting smart.

Most of us have some kind of goal, get a pen and paper NOW before you read further. Although anecdotal, putting your goals on paper with an old fashioned pen (not keyboard) may improve your results exponentially.

The long term goal setting may be something like, 4 stone body weight reduction, so here goes.

  • Specific – (the easy bit) lose 4 stone in body weight.
  • Measurable – on the scales
  • Achievable – If you have ever been that weight in your adult weight you can get back to it, if you have not what would it look like? Is it healthy to be 4 stone lighter or is that food disorder territory.
  • Realistic – There is a lot of work involved in losing 4 stone, can and are you willing to commit to that level. (Change to diet lifestyle and exercise, possibly even change friends if they aren’t supportive.)
  • Timed – 2 Lbs weight loss is commonly accepted as safe sustainable weight loss. It will often start quicker than that, but then slow or even stall before starting again. Look at it over the entire period it should average 2 lbs a week.

Now the mid term goal setting for the same person.

  • Specific – (the easy bit) Improve diet.
  • Measurable – by nutritional habit accountability.
  • Achievable – with a prep day at the weekend to plan ahead for shopping and cooking.
  • Realistic – Only change one thing at a time so you don’t get overloaded.
  • Timed – while habits can be formed in as little as 3 weeks the latest science shows 66 days is more realistic.

Now the short term goal setting for them.

  • Specific – be active 3 hours a week or more.
  • Measurable – FitBit or time in the gym
  • Achievable – Being more active requires less effort than most think. It’s not all about the gym, though some planned exercise will help alot. Walking faster, siting less all helps.
  • Realistic – If you’re not bed bound or in a wheel chair you don’t really have a valid excuse, do you?
  • Timed – 10 mins here and there with your FitBit on. A couple of 30 – 45 minute sessions at the gym lifting some weights. A long walk on the weekend after lunch with the family. It all adds up.

Make Your Goal Emotional

I’ve just reviewed weight loss as a goal I know, but it isn’t the real goal for most of you is it?

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it:

  1. You want to be paid more? Its not that daft people who are more confident with their own body image tend to be more confident in interviews and around their superiors.
  2. You want to attract or keep a partner? Again many people find confidence attractive (not arrogance though), being the best version of you in likely to improve the odds of getting or keeping the right partner for you. It doesn’t mean you need to get ripped (hint a lot of ladies don’t like the very muscular look and v.v), but not having your belly hang over your belt is a bonus.
  3. You want to improve the length and/or quality of life you live? We are all aware of the health risks involved in been obese. But did you know there are many risks to being underweight too, especially in later life. One key indicator to predicted life expectancy is lean muscle mass, the more you have the better your later life in general.The big problem with this goal is we don’t consider it until our doctor says you have something serious wrong with you, and that makes it all that much harder to achieve.

So look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you really want to achieve it probably fits these three somehow. If you feel yourself well up you’re ready for change and I’m ready to help, if you want me to.