When Tina joined active NRG it was with a very common goal.  In an effort to lose weight and tone up, Tina had decided that she couldn’t do it alone.

“In my time with active NRG I have achieved steady weight loss and by doing lots muscle toning. I have a much healthier lifestyle and knowledge on nutrition. Beyond the physical though,  I have more energy and more confidence in everyday life.

The best thing about working with a personal trainer is knowing that Rick is always there to advise and support in any way he can. He helps you change bad habits and replaces them with good ones. The session are always enjoyable and with help I have improved technique substantially. Along with keeping you motivated and focused, Rick really helps you to be the best you can be.

If you’re considering a personal training with active NRG, go for it! Today could be the first day of an amazing journey to a happier and better version of you.”