Jenny-Ward-before and after

I wanted to lose a little weight and had been struggling to do so for some time. Most of all though I wanted to get a clean bill of health from my doctor as there are a number of heretical illness in the family that I wanted to avoid. Both of my parents died of heart attacks, my father was only 65, and my brother had to have a bypass at 60. I have asthma. So when my weight went up to over 12 stone and I was having difficulty with my breathing while climbing stairs, I thought I better do something about it.

I have dropped weight consistently each month with the only exception Christmas. But I know a lot stronger than I though possible. I have lost over 2 stone, my asthma has improved and I can climb 2 flights of stairs now without needing the hand rail. My diet has also made massive improvements to my health.

The best thing to come out of this programme to date is having the guidance of a trainer and tailored programme, with all the encouragement and help he gives me. Also when the doctor told me I was in perfect health and I didn’t need to see him for another year!

If your wondering if this programme is right for you, I’d say Go For It!