Ok, I’ve done this before but never for public viewing. For the next 90 days, (3 months!!!) I am going to put myself though the 90 day Challenge. I’ll be having my healthy shake for breakfast, with a piece of fruit in! Either 2 bags of  roasted soya beans or another shake for morning and afternoon snacks, my lunch will also be a shake and then a healthy balance meal in the evening. The Shake I’m going to be using is the Formula 1 FREE FROM, as I’m a coeliac, supported with protein powder!

With each shake I’ll be having a Multivitamin and High EPA  omega 3 fatty acids.

So this is me on day one of My 90 Day Challenge:-(

Riccardo's Herbalife 90 Day Challenge "Every journey starts with a single step!" this is mine!

19.4% Body Fat Here we go


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I’ll be updating the post as often as I can, my ups and downs, exercise strategies and changes and challenges I have with the products!


half way on level 10 challenge

16.3% halfway there!

OK Most resent update on this project!!! Oct 2015

Yes my results were ok, but I struggled to stick with shakes beyond the 90 days and fat came back, as so many others experienced.

So What did I do?

Well breakfast is now scrambled eggs with parsley, spinach omelet or nuts and (full fat) yoghurt. All three option hold the key to success.

  1. High in protein
  2. Healthy fats
  3. Veggies
  4. LOW in carbohydrate

With these I have, without effort bought my body fat down an other 3.5%

If your interested in learning more about my new way of eating or one of my training programs call me on 07970 815809

One thought on “90 Day Challenge

  1. OK it’s been one week and things are going ok! I have had a couple of little cravings if I miss a snack, but no way near as bad as the ones I had after eating sugary stuff, (yes I have a sweet tooth).
    As for the results they were better than I could have hoped for! Body Fat was down to 18%, with a 1.8 Lb increase in lean muscle, some of from water I expect but I’m very happy with it! So overall a loss of around 3 Lbs of excess body fat!

    Bring on week two!

    Well Week two gave an other weight loss of 3 lbs some muscle went with it this time I missed a few snacks and it showed! Over all still feeling full of energy though.

    Week 3, Muscle loss has stopped, GOOD! 2 lbs this week all fat dropped 1% body fat! Happy days keep it coming!

    Week 4, Another 3 lbs of weight loss 2 fat 1 of muscle! I’m looking much better now though I can see the difference in the mirror, others were telling me and asking before!

    Just a shame I’m not just starting as Herbalife have just launch ‘LEVEL 10’ a 90 day challenge with a £10,000.00 National cash prize as well as regional cash prizes.

    So if you want the chance of winning the £10k, call me today! entry fee is only £10! 3 Ways to win! Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss!

    Week 7, I am down to 15.8% body fat, I have also lost another litre of visceral fat (the really unhealthy stuff around your organs)! Feeling pretty good despite a few disturbed nights! So next step 15% on the noise! fingers crossed.

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