First of all lets see where we can make our savings in our health budget, shall we?

1.Gym Membership

With today’s budget gyms like TheGym and PureGym, unless you are an avid swimmer or racket sports player, you really don’t need to spend upward of £25 a month. Compared to David Lloyds that’s a saving of at least £30 a month.

Alternatively you could make a one off purchase of a TRX suspension trainer for £120 and train anywhere for free. Goal dependent of course.

2.Food Purchases in your health budget

Count up the amount of times you eat out a month. Many of us this will be a daily occurrence, breakfast at McDonald’s (£1.99), mid-morning coffee at Starbucks (£2.50), Lunch at Subway (£5.00) and then Nando’s on the way home from a late evening finish (£10). (£20 a day).

Compared to a healthy omelette (£1.00 or less), Class of filtered water (nothing). Pre-prepared mackrill salad wrap(s) (£1.50). Chicken and mix veg fajitas (£3.00) (£5.50 a day)

3.Personal Training or Online Coaching

Spending money from the health budget on a gym you don’t use properly? 98% of people trying to lose weight by themself fail! A personal trainer can make the difference between success and failure. I would rather pay and get where I want to be then end up treading water getting nowhere slowly.

My online coaching option can get you as good a result as my face to face. Each has a slightly different approach, online is more coaching based while face to face is technical as well.

4.Social Interaction

Instead of heading down to your favourite restaurant with friends, why not invite them round to you. You’ll have more control of what you’re eating, bbq’s are great way to ensure the protein is there.

5.Water Bottle

Get yourself a good quality water bottle steel or glass preferably but if you do go plastic avoid anything with PCBs. You want to drink water from it not plastic vapours that leach of cheep water bottles.


Fitbits are not essential on a health budget by any means, people can and have stayed fit for millions of years without one. However if you do want to have a closer look at what your body is doing in terms of energy consumption it can be a useful tool.

7.Protein Shakes

Like the fitbit above, shakes are not mandatory to getting results. In Fact I encourage the use of real food where possible.

Where protein shakes and meal replacements to come into their own is when real food is not available. If the alternative is a Mars Bar or bag of crisps the protein shake is by far a healthier choice.

8.Greens Drink

If you’re like me, you struggle to get your 10 servings of veg a day, (yes 10 not 5, 5 is what the navy recommended to avoid scurvy on the ships of the line), greens drink with your meal or between can help bridge the gap.

Plus you have the bonus extra hydration with it.

9.TRX Suspension Trainer

Lightweight and very portable, you can take it anywhere. The ideal travel companion, it just slips in your suitcase or rucksack.

Then just go to youtube and search TRX, for instant access to training programmes.

10.Gourmet Nutrition V2

Don’t keep healthy eating to yourself! With this coffee table recipe book you can pick up great tasting and eye catching meals for any occasion,

11.An Off Road Mountain Bike

You are going to need a way to use all this new energy you have. What better than a cycle ride through your local parks and open spaces with the rest of the family.

You could alway push the boat out a little further and strap the bikes to the car for greater adventure.

12.Weekend Break at a Health Spar

You work had to keep the body inshape. Drop it off a the health spar for a quick service. Running body and mind at 100% needs some down time.

13.Ant Middletons “Book First Man In”

Don’t just invest in your body invest in your mind too. None of us have reached our true potential, but this man has given it as good a go as any.

Not only that but it’s a great read, I struggled to put it down.

14.Some New Clothes

Let’s face it the ones you start this process in aren’t going to fit any more. You will have to get a new belt to with smaller notches.

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