12 week
Health Improvement Program


Find yourself eating at your desk, unprepared, anything goes in?

If you have a highly stressful role, such as company director, CEO or a business owner, you have probably put more energy into the business than you have in health improvement, of late. Write?

It's time to work on yourself, and not just your mind! Stress is a silent killer if its left uncontrolled. Don't lose it all just because finding time for a health improvement programme can be a tough call. You make tough calls everyday at work!

Here's where I can help! My 12 week health improvement programme has been designed around people just like you. Often over stretched, stress executives, people struggling to split work, family and health in to the same 24 hours.

This is ideal health improvement plan for anyone who takes their long term health seriously. If you need to:

  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. (CVD)
  • Improve Posture & move pain free
  • Keep blood pressure in check
  • revitalize your life

While it's not a weight loss programme many of my one to one clients have lost significant weight on this and similar programmes.

The health improvement training program is:

  • Maximum impact 12 week training training program, including:
    • HIIT Cardiovascular Fitness (5 - 20 minutes 2 times a week)
    • Core Strength Training (10 - 30 minutes 2 - 4 times a week)
    • Habit Based Nutrition and Nutritional education program (15 minutes a week for reading and planning)

IF YOU CAN FOLLOW A PLAN this program is for you!


1st month free then 2 monthly payments of £79