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“In my time with active NRG I have achieved steady weight loss and by doing lots muscle toning. I have a much healthier lifestyle and knowledge on nutrition. Beyond the physical though, I have more energy and more confidence in everyday life."


“Before I started my training programme, I spent a small fortune at Physiotherapy. I also had quite a few Therapeutic Massages for my back and still was unable to walk.
Since started this programmes, which wasn’t easy to start with. I’m more than halfway there, I can walk between 7-8 miles, which was something I enjoyed. Thank you Riccardo for getting me to this point. I am look forward to my next session."



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"Whether you think you are going to fail, or think you are going to succeed you are right!"

Boss Baby


We are creatures of habit, not all of them good. I aim to rewrite your bad habits to prevent them growing back like weeds.

Healthy Lifestyle

If know what your values are and let them guide everything you do you won't go far wrong.