Whether you are trying to impress the boss or you are the boss, trying to improve relationships with colleges or your partner you can only affect them by working on yourself.

Only except what you are when you like what you are, everything else can change.

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Your surroundings today are a reflection of the actions of yesterday. If you want a better lifestyle choose your path today.

Tomorrow you can do better. 

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You can change the world or just yourself but it must be done one step at a time.

Don't run before you can walk, don't walk before you can crawl.

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Everything You Would Expect... Plus

Programme Design

Training to suit your timetable, from once a week to six times a week (yes you do need a day off).

Nutrition Coaching

Simple habit based nutrition that really works.


How to's, so you know what to expect and do. Executive Summary with links to full article if you wish to delve further. In App communication and group workshops. Text and more!    .


"Whether you think you are going to fail, or think you are going to succeed you are right!"

Boss Baby


We are creatures of habit, not all of them good. I am to rewrite your bad habits to prevent them growing back like weeds.

Healthy Lifestyle

If know what your values are and let them guide everything you do you won't go far wrong.