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Why Choose Me?

I've been a personal trainer now for over 18 years. Much of this time I've spent researching new and better ways to help my clients get into the best possible shape. After writing thousands of training programmes and given countless advice on what we should be eating to stay fit and healthy I have put the information into one programme.
Ignite is a complete 12 week semi private personal training programme designed to give the best possible results in FAT lose, lean muscle, posture and hormonal balance. The exercise routines are built from the most effective training methodology available today. All this is supported with arguably the best nutrition mentorship program around today Precision Nutrition.
In addition to the training itself, you receive support via email, text, and online with my facebook group, where you can exchange ideas and post questions.
This programme is not for everyone but if you are short on training time and still want great results, it is for you!



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client of the month lost 10lbs in one week! Hear his success story
I first approached Rick when I realised my body was out of control, I had lost the flexibility and fitness I once had and struggled with a back problem. I found I actually enjoyed the training even though it was tough and I could always get though the training session, rather than leaving feeling like a failure. The best thing about the training programme, other than the great results I seemed to get each month, is that it's challenging but doable. I feel an sense of pride when I finish the sessions especially on 'heavy week'. I would whole heartedly recommend training with activeNRG.
Jenny-Ward-before and after
I wanted to lose a little weight and had been struggling to do so for some time. Most of all though I wanted to get a clean bill of health from my doctor as there are a number of heretical illness in the family that I wanted to avoid. Both of my parents died of heart attacks, my father was only 65, and my brother had to have a bypass at 60. I have asthma. So when my weight went up to over 12 stone and I was having difficulty with my breathing while climbing stairs, I thought I better do something about it. I have dropped weight consistently each month with the only exception Christmas. But I know a lot stronger than I though possible. I have lost over 2 stone, my asthma has improved and I can climb 2 flights of stairs now without needing the hand rail. My diet has also made massive improvements to my health. The best thing to come out of this programme to date is having the guidance of a trainer and tailored programme, with all the encouragement and help he gives me. Also when the doctor told me I was in perfect health and I didn't need to see him for another year! If your wondering if this programme is right for you, I'd say Go For It!
Mohammed-Afzal-Before and After
I started training with Riccardo when he was recommended by another personal trainer at the club I was training at, as he was leaving to move to another gym. While I had been getting results with my other trainer, the complete change in style stuck me, as did the results. I've lost over 30 lbs of fat with this style of training and I'm much stronger and fitter. I've also brought my body fat levels down in to the normal range for the first time in many years. The best thing about the training programme is it's challenging but doable. I feel an sense of pride when I finish the sessions especially on 'heavy week'. I would whole heartedly recommend training with activeNRG, in fact I've already got my best friend on board.

Can you think yourself thin?

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More Muscle May Mean You Live Longer

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May 2016 Home Training Programme

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By : NRGadmin | May 1, 2016

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